Frequently Asked Questions established in Europe, Belgium by the knowledge and cooperation of businessman and programmers, has the intention to facilitate the international trade of coco products offered by this easy auction.

Thanks to this application, several producers worldwide are able to find clients all over de globe and visa versa. Importers can choose out of a range of quality products at best auction prices, there where coco peat producers have the advantage of growing intentions to all directions desired and where buyers can compare qualities and prices.

The demand of coco peat is confirmed being very high. This growing medium is produced and bought by a huge amount of companies. offers a helping hand contacting companies to get to know each other and facilitates business after some unique deals. Once companies trust each other, they can rather choose to order more quantities at a certain price.

When demand is high in a period of less product availability, companies could use the advantage of the “buy now” button to order more or larger quantities at the sales price mentioned. With this possibility, you don’t have to wait for the auction checkout, but order directly.

  1. After registration, sellers can upload their product. After acceptance and confirmation of, the product will be displayed on the auction.
  2. Registered buyers can start bidding.
  3. By checkout, prices/ton will be multiplied by 24, since isn’t offering smaller quantities than 1 container. One container consist +/- 24 tons. To win, buyer pays the total amount for the container using Paypal or creditcard. Costs will be due by the auction.
  4. Seller will have a confirmation alert as a sign of taking action
  5. The paid amount will be hold in custody by the application till acceptance of delivery.
  6. Shipping costs will be hold by buyer or seller. Once the product has been confirmed you can find average shipping prices as information on the auction or buyer can demand domestic delivery.
  7. Shipping costs will be invoiced separately, in- or decreased on the basis of the bill of loading and due to be paid before loading.
  8. Invoices will be delivered by the auction.
  9. By exceeding orders of USD 50K, we offer the possibility to pay by letter of Credit (L.C.)